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  1. The services of a travel advisor are at no cost to the client.  The commissions are paid by the airlines, resorts, etc. 

  2. They love designing itineraries to make the perfect vacation for you.  Dedicated to providing you with the tools and information to ensure a great vacation.

  3. Travel advisors have special arrangements with airlines, hotels, and other suppliers to get you the best possible rates and discounts.  They also enjoy certain benefits of being part of the travel industry and they can pass these perks on to you!

  4. They are experts.  They have the skills and knowledge to help you see the sites that are important to you and to get the most out of your vacation.  They know the top-rated hotels and resorts to ensure that you have a memorable vacation.

  5. They are your ultimate advocate.  From start to finish, they are there to ensure that you have an extraordinary vacation.  They are committed to your comfort, happiness, and safety and are there to help should any issues arise during travel. You can trust that your travel advisor is dedicated to making your vacation as smooth as possible and they are always available for questions or assistance. 

  6. They have incredible networking.  They have specialized contacts worldwide and can use these contacts to find upgrades, unique experiences, and more.

  7. They personalize your travel experience.  Travel advisors draw upon their contacts and often their own personal travel experiences to create an itinerary for your trip that meets your exact specifications.  Regardless of your interests, they will be able to find the excursions and sightseeing experiences that are tailored to you!

  8. A travel advisor saves you time and stress.  They work to manage all the logistical details of your vacation.  This includes finding the best flight deals, the most unique excursions, and the best hotels! Booking with a travel advisor means less time spent worrying about the details and more time getting excited about the trip!

8 Reasons to Use A Travel Advisor: Travel Tips
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